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Two siblings—Aisha, an ambitious executive who battles a perception of deception, and Sam, a peripatetic genius who loves to fight everyone and everything in the name of justice—would like nothing more than to forget their imperfect childhood. After the passing of their mother, they both win the opportunity to work with Jay Edison, a world-renowned—and controversial scientist—asking themselves: Artificial intelligence may solve the world’s biggest problems, but can it fix our most challenging relationships?

"A promising speculative debut that doesn’t feel as if it rolled off the usual robotics assembly line."


"Uddin’s rich world building skillfully portrays the novel’s dichotomy: technology has made life easier and more beautiful, but those who can’t access it are left stranded ."


On sale October 11, 2022

It will resonate with sci-fi fans and those who enjoy dissecting episodes of HBO’s Westworld. Many books aren’t thought-provoking, Edison in the Hood is.

The Daily Voice

A deft and brilliantly original debut in which deep emotional intelligence and bold imagination combine to thrilling effect.

Hermione Hoby, author of Virtue 

Editorial Praise

A fascinating, fun, and profound exploration of the near future, Nadia Uddin's Edison in the Hood delves into the big questions: AI, nanotechnology and what constitutes love. 

Elizabeth Gaffney, author of Metropolis

Uddin takes us on a wild ride into the world of the mind, memory preservation, and the love between siblings. Brilliant and unique, this genre-bending book is both profound and exciting.

Taylor Larsen, author of Stranger, Father, Beloved

Edison in the Hood is the work of a writer with both a big mind and a big heart. Uddin's exploration of science and technology and the moral questions that arise from advancements touted as life-enhancing is both fascinating and engaging. The author also explores family dynamics, mental illness, and the complexities of a society that values innovation at any cost with great sensitivity and intelligence. This is an exciting and memorable debut. 

Christine Sneed, bestselling author of Little Known Facts and Please Be Advised: A Novel in Memos


About Nadia

Winner of Slice's 2019 Bridging the Gap Award, Nadia is a graduate of Yale Writers’ Workshop and has studied alongside esteemed writers through The Center of Fiction, Catapult and A Public Space. Her debut novel, Edison in the Hood, is scheduled for release Fall 2022.

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